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As well as posting here I also use my Tumblr Account to post WIPs and a lot of sketches.

And I use Instagram a lot too mostly for ease so if you're going there expect chaos and lots of it.


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I'm inspired by every deviation I see and each time I see something that sparks my imagination or makes me wish I could so that, I add it here so that I can be inspired every day.


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Don't hesitate to ask me about me about art trades or possible commissions, or even if you just want a chat! I don't bite :D

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Dorian couldn’t catch his breath. His vision flickered as he pulled his eyes away from the blood bath in front of him but the images wouldn’t vanish. His mother’s slit throat and the dozens of cuts and gashes over his father’s body filled his vision with red. Dorian stumbled backwards, slipping on the blood covering the floor and waving his arms as he tried to regain his balance. He fell against the nearest wall, his breath coming in ragged heaves. He dropped his head trying to understand what had happened when a horrible thought crossed his mind.

“Blair?” he said as he looked around the living room, trying to find the familiar figure of his younger sister. “Blair!” he shouted, stepping around his parents bodies, slipping on congealing puddles of blood but no one answered.

As Dorian hunted for his sister the front door banged open, “Put your hands up!” shouted the men that poured through the door.

Dorian looked over them, the word ‘Police’ was branded across their chests, their guns raised and pointed directly at him. He couldn’t understand what had happened, he had been gone for one night and his world had shattered. “Put your hands up!” repeated the men and when Dorian didn’t meet their demands in time they kicked his knees out from under him and wrenched his arms behind his back. “You’re under arrest,” said a man as he handcuffed him and hauled him to his feet.

“Wait,” said Dorian, pulling against the man, “I didn’t kill my parents!” he argued but the men ignored him, dragging him from the house and throwing him into the back of a police car. As the engine roared into life he leaned forward, “There’s been a mistake,” he said, pleading with the man in the passenger seat, “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

But the men ignored him as they pulled away from his home and into the city centre. “Where are we going?” asked Dorian as they drove into a part of the city he didn’t recognise. But he was once again greeted by silence.

By the time the car stopped Dorian was shaking in the back seat. In a few short hours, his life had been twisted into a horror show he couldn’t recognise. The door was opened for him and he was walked into an oppressive looking building. Dorian’s eyes darted around as he tried to work out where he was and as they walked him past cubicles of people working he realised that it was a police station.

The men that led him in deposited him in a small room with a table and two chairs. He unlocked Dorian’s handcuffs, releasing one hand and slipping the cuffs under a bar attached to the table top. He grabbed Dorian’s wrist and clapped the cuffs back over him, securing him to the table. He then left with his partner, locking the door behind them and Dorian was left alone with his thoughts. I didn’t do anything wrong. He thought as his world crashed to a halt. Questions raced through his mind as he tried to work out how his parents had died. He could still see those images in his mind; his mother and father covered in blood, their eyes closed against the horrors around them and he felt fresh tears push against the back of his eyes.

I didn’t do anything wrong.

Dorian was left in the room for an hour before a tall man stepped in. “Mr. Stone?” said Dorian with a questioning look. He had approached Dorian several days ago at school about a chance to work for a specialised branch of the government.

“Good afternoon, Dorian,” said Mr. Stone, easing himself into the seat opposite Dorian and setting a brown file on the table. When Dorian didn’t answer he continued with a slight frown, “I’m sorry to hear about your parents,” he said but Dorian couldn’t hear an ounce of sympathy in his voice.

“I didn’t kill them,” said Dorian quickly.

Mr. Stone sighed, “Unfortunately there is an abundance of evidence against you,” he said, somehow managing to sound concerned and condescending at the same time. Dorian couldn’t understand what he meant: He hadn’t killed his parents; he hadn’t even been in the house. But he couldn’t find his voice and he couldn’t argue.

Mr. Stone sat in silence, opening the brown file and rifling through the papers but Dorian had more on his mind, “Where’s my sister?”

Mr. Stone watched him carefully, “She’s in government custody, for now,” he replied.

His words seemed to hit Dorian harder than he had expected and it brought home the reality of everything that had happened: His parents were dead. He was all she had left. “What do you mean, for now?”

“I’ll get to that in a moment,” said Mr. Stone coolly as he spread the papers about the table. Dorian looked down to see a photo of himself pinned to a copy of the aptitude test he had taken over a week ago. There were other notes; letters from his boxing coach, a statement from his head master at school.

“What is this?” asked Dorian, his brow furrowing in confusion.

“It’s your job application,” said Mr. Stone, pulling out a pair of reading glasses. “According to your teachers you’re intelligent, quick thinking but lacking enthusiasm,” he said, pushing the glasses over his nose. “Your coach also gave you a glowing recommendation. He says you’re fast, devoted and smart. He even mentioned something about you going professional.”

Dorian closed his eyes as Mr. Stone’s words became clear, “I turned down that job,” he said defiantly. They had come to him a few days after the aptitude test: Mr. Stone had been wearing the same silver glasses. Dorian’s scores had been off the chart, he had said, he was perfectly suited for a job in the Advanced Human and Mechanical Research Division. But Dorian had turned him down. His father had told him rumours about the division, stories of experiments got wrong and missing employees.

Mr. Stone scowled as Dorian repeated what he had said days ago. “I know, but I thought I would give you a second chance, save you going to court,” he said with a small smile.

Dorian felt his frustration rise, “I didn’t kill my parents. I didn’t do anything wrong.” He wasn’t going to jail, he had done nothing wrong.

Mr. Stone’s eyes were sharp as he watched Dorian, “Well, I see I can’t convince you.” He stood up and pushed the papers back into the brown folder. “It’s a shame your sister will have to go to the work houses,” he said, opening the door to leave.

“What?” asked Dorian, pulling against the bar on the table.

“Your sister,” repeated Mr. Stone, “We can’t afford to house every orphan,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “She’ll have to go to the work houses.” He turned away from Dorian and took a step over the threshold.

“Wait!” shouted Dorian and he saw a glimmer of satisfaction in Mr. Stone’s eyes. Dorian took a deep breath, “What do you want?” he asked, finally admitting defeat.

Mr. Stone took a step back and shut the door, “I want you to take the job,” he said, sitting back down, “I want you to sign a lifetime contract and I want you to promise me you’ll do everything we ask of you.”

Dorian couldn’t hide the shock from his face. They wanted his life, all of it.

“The charges against you will be dropped. You won’t have to go to court.” Mr. Stone saw the hesitation on Dorian’s face, “Or should I tell your sister to prepare for a life of hard labour?”

Dorian thought about his sister; she was so young and so naïve, she had no idea how punishing the world could be, he couldn’t let her suffer, not when he could do something about it. Dorian looked back at his trapped hands unable to think of a way to escape Mr. Stone’s offer. “If I agree, my sister won’t have to go to the work house?”

“Of course not,” said Mr. Stone.

“What happens to her?”

Mr. Stone leant back in his chair, “She’ll go to an orphanage in the city, a good one, hopefully she’ll be fostered.”

An orphanage was better than the work houses. She would have a place to call home, friends, maybe even a family again. After a few moments Dorian nodded, “Alright,” he said, feeling his stomach twist at his decision, “But if my sister is ever hurt, I want out.”

For a moment Mr. Stone looked taken aback but he quickly composed himself, “Very well, you have my word,” he said seriously but in the back of his mind, Dorian couldn’t help but wonder how much Mr. Stone’s word actually counted for. 

Hmm... something a little longer and something I wrote a few months back but kept making little changes. There is a shit ton of history behind this piece so I'll try keep it brief.

I originally wrote a much longer version of this a few years ago, maybe 2012? But as my characters changed and the plot developed the original piece became dated and, quite honestly, poorly written. So I tried something different, changed my approach and came out with something a heck of a lot better than it's predecssor. 

Dorian is a part of the Tercia Project a story I've been meaning to write for a long time and this is supposed to be like a little 'origin story' for him. There are several other 'origin stories' for the rest of the characters but they were also written a little while ago and as such, aren't particularly good and most are far too long - I mean 4,000+ words. Hopefully I'll get them written up properly and my characters can have a decent backstory. 

Poor Dorian ended up working for Mr. Stone for 2 years and had a really crappy time :/ I want to write a piece about how Blair ends up feeling about him because she believes he did kill their parents and hates him for it :(

:bulletgreen: The Tercia Project
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Got the Devil in Him by Harlequin-Werewolf
Got the Devil in Him
My god, his shirts are tight... Not that I'm complaining. So guess who just finished watching the entire series? This guy! And it was sooo good, it was way better than I expected and Charlie Cox is amazing as Matt, love it :D I think I'm in love.

So around episode 10 I get this idea stuck in my head and I had to doodle it out and it kinda happened all at once. (Literally, I wasted my day yesterday doing this...) I know I got some stuff wrong but I like it :)

Long story short, Daredevil is awesome and I had to draw it. Please bring me season 2.

Also, I have a bunch of screencaps of this, so I might be able to make a little walkthrough, depends if I get the time. :P

:bulletgreen: Tumblr
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